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Manage your Windows clipboard and sync its contents with your mobile devices
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If you want to turn your one-item Windows clipboard into a configurable and reusable library of recently copied items, ClipboardFusion is an affordable option worth considering. You can define the number of items it can hold, as well as their type and the way they’ll be presented to you. From images to all kinds of text strings, and from URLs to links, this tool makes repetitive copy-and-paste tasks flexible and less tedious.

The program has been designed to be versatile, flexible, and fast to use. It allows you to determine the number of items you want the program to store for you, tell the program to show you preview pop-ups of all the images you send to the clipboard, define hotkeys for nearly 30 common tasks, limit the longevity of the objects in your clipboard history, and even create your own macros or define Triggers to avoid the most tedious or repetitive tasks. While in order to create new macros you’ll need to have C# encoding knowledge, defining Triggers is as simple as selecting one or more text to replace or text scrubbing routine and let the program do the hard work for you. You can also combine these actions with your own macros to make your Triggers even more powerful.

You can paste text from your clipboard preserving or removing the original formatting, and even replace the text with pre-defined strings either in a single item or to all items on the list. This list, known as the Clipboard History, will store all your items, from text strings to images, and from online items to macros. Here is where ClipboardFusion really shines, and where you can clearly see how powerful this program is. And the best thing is that all of these features are free for anyone to use – only if you want to take advantage of the program’s encrypted syncing functionality and a number of advanced Trigger options, you’ll be required to acquire one of its inexpensive Pro licenses.

ClipboardFusion is an excellent program that offers you all the features you need to turn the otherwise lame Windows clipboard into a truly powerful utility. The addition of Triggers and user-coded macros takes the program’s high level of flexibility and versatility to a higher level.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Creates and run macros for your clipboard
  • Offers an extensive list of user-defined hotkeys
  • Syncs your clipboard with certain mobile devices
  • Configure the number and type of the items in the clipboard manager


  • Building macros requires coding knowledge
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